Day 1: Arrival to Costa Rica, Juan Santamaria’s International Airport

Day 2, 3: Braulio Carrillo

Day 4, 5: Caribbean

Day 6, 7: Pejibaye

Day 8, 9: Central Pacific

Day 10: Departure - Juan Santamaria's International Airport



Day 1. Hotel Bouganvillea. Arrival in Costa Rica and departure to your first destination (varies depending on air flight schedule). Hotel check-in and staff meeting. No Meals included.

Day 2. Tapir Lodge. Early breakfast and departure to Braulio Carrillo National Park. The true feeling of the rainforest ecosystem. Our journey would begin in the heart of the country, surrounded by lush evergreen forest. Full day exploring adjacent trails, and creeks for spiders, beetles, butterflies and all sorts of creepy crawls. Night hike after dinner. In search of tropical gems such as Red eye leaf frogs and Eye lashed Pitvipers. We will be immersed in the jungles at night. All meals included.

Day 3. Tapir Lodge. All-day exploring rainforest depths. All meals included. Canopy tram ride.

Day 4. Selva Bananito Lodge. Early bug hunting follows breakfast and departure to another iconic yet remote jungle in the heart of Limon Province. Selva Bananito Lodge is a magnet for unique biological richness. Its forest covers an enormous array of life. Very few places in Costa Rica still offer that feel of untamed. Day and night macro photography hikes. All meals included.

Day 5. Selva Bananito Lodge. All-day long capturing macro. All meals included.

Day 6. Copal Lodge. Early breakfast and time to leave the lowlands for a more misty cloud forest. Our journey into the central mountainous rainforest would begin. A quaint lodge placed in one of the most marvellous locations in Costa Rica. Pejibaye Rainforest is an absolute must for those seeking for amazing moments behind cameras. Night Hawk. All meals included.

Day 7. Copal Lodge. If there is a place in Costa Rica to be discovered those mountains. Very little of hardly ever human intrusion has taken place here. Thousands of beautiful creatures are yet to capture. All-day at the hotel grounds day and night hikes. All meals included.

Day 8. Pacifico Lodge. Early breakfast and set off to the Pacific Ocean. Due is geographical position Central Pacific Rainforest is unique in all of the countries, shower by the Pacific Ocean breezes and the Rio Grande de Tarcoles this tiny national park is boosting biodiversity. Carara National Park is mostly visited for is colourful Scarlet Macaws, 5 meters long crocodiles and 450+ species of birds; yet the macro life is as fantastic. Canopy night walk and frog river trail. All meals included.

Day 9. Pacifico Lodge. Early rising is always a good idea. The sounds, birds and sky colours are just phenomenal. Today we will visit Carara National Park followed by a well-deserved lunch and return to the hotel for a break before the night falls. Night hike at Carara Garden private land.

Day 10. Departure to Juan Santamaria’s International Airport.


Costa Rica is very well known for its amazing biodiversity ranging from roaring Pumas in the Osa Peninsula to Resplendent Quetzals in the high mountain tops. But its true magic lies at your feet.

Captura Costa Rica takes you the extra mile of exploration in the least visited locations of this overwhelming natural marvel.

A 10-day trip visiting hidden corners where we will focus on the rare, vibrant, amazing macro photography.

During 8 full days, we will lift every tree log, and fallen orchid to look for rainforest creatures, flowers and mushrooms.

This journeys trip will focus on:

Focal styles and focal points
Recommended Aperture/DOF
Suggested lighting systems
Storyteller a journalist approach

Additional Information


• Small hiking backpack for day trips

• Small first aid kit

• Binoculars

• Camera (optional) OR we can provide Nikon DSLR

• Sunglasses

• Sunblock and Bug Spray

• Several pencils

• Daily journal

• A passport purse (to carry money, credit cards, etc... wear it close to your body)

• Any needed medications, anti-diarrhoea, or any prescriptions

• Torch/Flashlight


• Tennis shoes with good traction or hiking shoes with ankle support (waterproof)

• Comfortable sandals or flip flops

• Swimming wear

• Neutral colour clothing for camouflage

• Several cool long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts

• Hat for sun protection (breathable)

• 2-3 pairs of lightweight long pants for rainforest hikes

• Lightweight rain jacket (neutral colour only)

• Casual beach clothing (t-shirts, shorts, sun dresses)

• Long pants and a fast-drying sweater for the city/mountains (temp. are cooler can reach 3.5 degrees celsius)

• Wellingtons/rubber boots can be bought in Costa Rica for $15-30 USD


• Traveler's checks (American Express or Visa) (can exchange some of them for Colones at the local banks or hotel front desk)

• About $50-200 in cash (not tears in bills, small bills are better)

• Visa credit cards are widely accepted in Costa Rica, except in rural towns (keep the phone number of credit card companies separate.)

• Passport

• Photocopies of passports and driver’s licenses (kept in a separate place)

• Use a credit card to call the US from your hotel room or local pone

• You can also purchase a phone card here for international calls ($9 for 12 minutes to the US)

General Topics

Mind Map